Herbs for Fertility

If you are having difficulty conceiving, it doesn’t mean that you are definitely infertile or that you need to have IVF in order to conceive. It may be that you are suffering from 'sub-fertility', a condition that can be treated with both infertility herbs and hair mineral analysis in order to help you improve your chances of having a baby.

There are many possible causes for difficulty in conceiving. There are a variety of chronic health problems that can decrease your chances of conception. For both the male and female, sub-fertility can also be caused by a myriad of lifestyle choices including smoking, drinking, nutrition, stress and lack of exercise.

Infertility herbs can help to regulate both male and female hormones and bring them to optimum levels, thus increasing your chances of conception by improving the quality of sperm, ova and the lining of the womb. This is extremely relevant to anyone committed to improving their reproductive health for conception, but particularly pertinent for women with known gynaecological health issues that are causing difficulty in conceiving. Irregular diets caused by busy working lives can lead to vitamin and mineral imbalance, thus reducing the nutrients that are vital for reproductive hormones. With Hair Mineral Analysis and focused assistance, a medical herbalist can help you evaluate your lifestyle choices, not just in order to conceive and maintain pregnancy, but to raise your family with a healthier lifestyle too.

Couples who can benefit from infertility herbs are:

  • Couples who are having difficulty in conceiving with known cause including those with low sperm count, low sperm motility, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis and fibroids.
  • Couples who have had single or recurrent miscarriages
  • Women over 40 years of age.
  • Couples with no known cause of infertility or sub-fertility.

Your first consultation with a medical herbalist will take the form of a case history, which consists of an in-depth study of your health, diet and lifestyle. For couples this consultation will take two hours. Individual one hour consultations are also available. Your options for herbal fertility treatment and hair mineral analysis will be discussed along with any important changes that need to be made to your lifestyle. You will need to give a sample of hair for the hair analysis if you decide to take this option. Supplements will be prescribed on the basis of the results of this analysis. Where required you may also be referred for medical testing and other alternative therapies alongside this treatment.

The aim of the first three months of treatment is very much preconceptual with the focus being on prescribing the herbs for fertility that are most relevant for you as the individual. With consistent consultation over this period, the right balance of herbs for fertility is achieved in order to improve your chances of having a baby. For those with a diagnosed health condition such as PCOS, hair analysis is usually not required.