Why choose herbal medicine?

Medical Science has spent a great deal of time over the past century searching for answers by looking into microscopes and reducing all of the parts. Whilst this obsession with close up analysis has undoubtedly done much good, the overall picture has been neglected. The holistic herbalists' approach is much more focused on assessing the whole herb and the whole person.
Herbal medicine can be successfully used to treat both chronic and acute conditions. It can support all of the different systems of the body in order to help maintain better health and harmony in the physical, mental and emotional states. It particularly has its place in women’s health. Treatments for a wide range of women’s complaints are steeped in tradition as well as having a scientific basis in the modern world.
However, Herbal medicine is suitable for all age groups, from babies and young children to teenagers, adults and the elderly. It provides gentle, safe and effective treatment largely avoiding the unwanted side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. One of the keystones of holistic health treatment is to look carefully at the symptom pattern and causes of illness in each individual patient so there are no ‘standard prescriptions’ for particular conditions. The herbal medicines prescribed are often in the form of an alcohol-based liquid called a tincture. Alternatively fresh juices or syrups or dried herbs to be made into teas may be prescribed. Capsules, tablets and creams are also used.